• What Canonization of John Paul II Means to Baptists

john paul iiJohn Paul II, the Polish Pope, is now a saint.

Bruce Walker, writing on the  American Thinker website tells us that for all people of faith, including Baptists, it’s a reminder that the key to victory over evil is spiritual goodness. The canonization of this good and holy man celebrates what ultimately conquers evil in this world.

John Paul II is credited with helping to end communism in Poland. During the Soviet era, his Poland was the only member of the Warsaw Pact that held firm to Christianity, which served as the only significant opponent of communism. Then, when the first true democratic elections were held in Poland in 1989, Catholic Poland overwhelmingly rejected the government’s slate of candidates.

This is a recurrent and vital theme in the history of totalitarian regimes: true Christian spirituality defies evil, even when every other possible check is blocked or destroyed.

The conquest of evil is never easy, but most of all, as the newest saint in the Catholic Church showed during his life, at its core, true conquest of evil is always spiritual.