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Christianity is growing in the U.S.

We are told routinely that, religious faith in America is declining. It’s just a matter of time until Christianity’s total extinction, according to the cultural elites.

Is this true?

No, it’s not, according to a study last year by Harvard University and Indiana University Bloomington.

Here’s a snapshot of Christianity today in America.

The percentages of Americans who are the most vibrant and serious in their faith is actually increasing. In 1989, 39% of those who belonged to a religion held strong beliefs and practices, vs. 47% of all the religiously affiliated.

Compared to other countries…

  • One in three Americans prays multiple times a day, vs. one in 15 in other countries
  • Attending services more than once a week is three times higher than the average comparable nation.

The United States “clearly stands out as exceptional,” and this exceptionalism is not decreasing.

How is it that these findings appear so contrary to what we hear in the popular press?

Author Glenn Stanton concludes, “It comes down primarily to what kind of faith one is talking about. Not the belief system itself, per se, but the intensity and seriousness with which people hold and practice that faith.”

Evangelical churches gain five new congregants exiled from the liberal churches for every one they lose for any reason. They also do a better job of retaining believers from childhood to adulthood than do mainline churches.

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