Disciples Path: A Life on Life Program at BCBC

And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching Jesus as the Christ. (Acts 5:42)

In 2013, an evangelist, Philip, was teaching on the topic, small group ministry at the Kiev Theological Seminary in Ukraine.

Using an interpreter, he taught a group of church planters about the need and the process of small groups in their new churches. At one point, Philip says, he was convinced that they were just not getting it—not surprising given the cultural and language hurdles he needed to overcome.

While there, Philip learned something that is true everywhere.

  • Just because you speak does not mean that they heard you.
  • Just because they nodded their heads in affirmation does not mean that they understood.
  • Just because they said they understand does not mean that they agree.
  • Just because they agree does not mean that they will do it.

Using a lot of words should never be equated with people actually understanding and following through on what you’ve said. Plenty of explanation is always needed.

Whenever we lead, it’s critical to define our terms. We are regularly in churches across the country and speaking at conferences in which no one in the room has taken the time to define what they mean by the word “disciple.” We build a collection of buzzwords and everyone we lead just nods in support of our teaching. When it comes to identifying the meaning of the word disciple, We must do better.

Starting Sunday, January 29th and continuing through 2017

BCBC will begin a Life on Life discipleship series. Starting 9:30 am each Sunday in the Worship Center Library, Pastor Tommy, along with Elders Aaron, Brian, and Brent will teaching the class and share their stories.

All, church members and visitors, are invited to attend and participate in this important series.

Cost for the class is $10.00 for your student guide. A sign up sheet will be at the Welcome Desk.