BCBC’s Men’s Retreat: Everything You Need to Know

Be watchful, stand firm in the faith, act like men, be strong. Let all that you do be done in love. (Corinthians 16:13-14)

Reserve your place at the BCBC Men’s Retreat, October 2nd through 4th at Camp Truett in Hayesville, North Carolina.

Meet Our Guest Speaker

Tim Bennett

Tim Bennett

Tim Bennett: Born and raised in Western North Carolina, Tim has resided most of his adult life in Birmingham, Alabama, where he works as an IT director at AT&T.  He has been married to Laura for 29 years, and is father to five children, ranging in age from 26 to 12. He is a ruling elder in his home church, and is a regular speaker and facilitator at WellSpring Ministry events. (http://wellspringgroup.org)

Says Tim, “Raised in the church, I came to know the Lord at a very young age. But, for the first 30+ years of my life, I took a very “me” centered approach to the Christian life.  I would now call it a “bootstrap” theology, where I believed that faith in Christ was sufficient to save me, but it was basically up to me after that.”

In 2000, Tim became friends with Bob Flayhart, his current pastor, who exposed him to a simple and powerful model of the Gospel that has changed his life — The Gospel Waltz. There’s too much to describe in this brief introduction, but one significant thing it did was flip his “bootstrap” theology on its head. The Gospel Waltz illustrates how the “Present” power of the Gospel (the same power that redeemed us), is also working to change us.  The model has helped me to understand how that plays out in life on a daily basis. This has transformed the way I lead my family and shepherd our flock.

Summary for the Weekend Activities

The Gospel Waltz: The writer of the hymn “Rock of Ages” understood the full power of the Gospel.  The first verse says:

Let the water and the blood,

From Thy wounded side which flowed,

Be of sin the double cure,

Save from wrath and make me pure.

How often do we trust the Gospel for the first part of that cure (Save me from wrath), but take the second part (Make me pure) exclusively on our own shoulders?  Do not misunderstand, there is absolutely an aspect of the second part that is volitional in nature, but we also must recognize the power of the Gospel to change us as well.  The Gospel Waltz is simply an analogy/framework/model… to help demonstrate how the power of the Gospel plays out in real life.

Session 1:  Bootstraps & Idols: During the weekend, before getting too deeply into the Gospel model, we will spend some time talking about what rules our hearts. At the level where the rubber meets the road — in the living rooms, workplaces, and church hallways of life — what really controls our hearts? When our hearts are preoccupied by something other than God, we will filter life’s circumstances through the lens of what it is that we most want or want to achieve.

Session 2:  The Gospel Waltz (Repent-Believe-Fight, 1-2-3, 1-2-3): The Gospel Waltz is simply a model that compares the Christian life to a dance. Like its real-world analogy, the Gospel Waltz is a 3-step (Repent-Believe-Fight). Also like its real-world analogy, it begins with the music. In this case, the music is the situation or circumstance in life that moves us to take the first step. Some songs are very long. Some songs are very hard to dance to. At times it can seem impossible… but it can be life-changing and enjoyable as well.

Session 3:  The Orphan Waltz (Surrendering to the love of the Father): There is also an alternate waltz that we tend to dance. It’s also a 3-step. It begins with the same music, but the outcome is very different. The difference is in what we believe. In this alternate “Orphan Waltz,” we believe the lies of the enemy instead of the truth about the love of the Father.

Session 4:  Application at a personal and ministry level (The music of the waltz and the power of the fellowship): This is the most exciting part of the weekend.  We will use the model to examine practical scenarios and discover how the Gospel plays out in real life.  We will also talk about the power of the fellowship as we experience and give encouragement in the hardest parts of the dance.

Weekend Approach

For each session, we will start off with worship, followed by teaching, then a pertinent movie clip: 1 hour.

After the movie clip, we will release everyone to a time of solitude and silence to pray and respond to some reflective questions:30 minutes.

During dinner we will sit in teams and share what the Lord is revealing to each of us.

Join us. You can sign up at the information counter in the Worship Center lobby.