On-Line Sermons

Episode 4 – How to Know God’s Will – Where Seeking Meets Spirit – 10/24/2021

Episode 24 – The Effects of False Teaching – 9/26/2021

Episode 23 – Our Best Work – 9/19/2021

Homecoming 2021 – 9/12/2021

Episode 22 – 1 Timothy 5:17-25 – 9/5/2021

Episode 21 – Our Deepest Needs – 8/29/2021

Episode 20 – Being an Honorable Widow – 8/22/2021

Episode 19 – Respect and Encourage Each Other – 8/15/2021

Episode 18 – The Pastor’s Main Work – 8/8/2021

Episode 17 – Set the Example – 8/1/2021

Episode 16 – The Church’s Lasting Impact – 7/25/2021

Episode 15 – God’s Good Things – 7/18/2021

Episode 14 – Guard Yourself Against Falsehood – 7/11/2021

Episode 13 – Order Leads to Worship – 7/4/2021

Episode 4 – What the Spirit Does and Doesn’t Do:  In Worship – 6-27-2021

Episode 3 – What The Spirit Does and Doesn’t Do: In Life – 6/20/2021

Episode 2 – Who is the Holy Spirit? 6-13-2021

Episode 1 – The Spirit’s Arrival – June 6, 2021

Episode 12 – The Church’s Deacons – 5/23/2021

Episode 11 – The Church’s Elders – Part 2 – 5/16/2021

Episode 10 – The Church’s Elders – Part 1 – 5/9/2021

Episode 9 – The Role of Women in the Church – 5/2/2021

Episode 8 – The Church’s Self-Promotion Problem – 4/25/2021

Episode 7 – The Church’s Reconciler – 4-18-2021

Episode 6 – Our Church’s Purpose in America – 4/11/2021

Easter Sunday Worship Service 4/4/2021

Episode 2 – What Corporate Prayer Looks Like – The F-ACTS – 3/28/2021

Episode 1 – Why Corporate Prayer Matters – Part 1 – 3-21-2021

Episode 5 – “Church, Jesus Came For Your…” – 3/14/2021

Episode 4 – Church, Christ Saves You For… – 3/7/2021

Episode 3 – The Church’s Painful, Graceful Truth – 2/28/2021

Episode 2 – Church, Be Warned (2/21/2021)

Episode 1 – Where the Church Starts (2/14/2021)

2/7/2021 – The Bibles Authority (Facebook Live)

The Discipleship Pathway – Service – 1-31-2021

1-24-2021 The Discipleship Pathway – Discipleship

1-17-2021 The Discipleship Pathway – Membership

The Discipleship Pathway – Baptism — 1/10/2021

The Discipleship Pathway – Searching and Salvation 1-3-2021

Fighting for Your Faith 12-27-2020

Christmas Eve Service 12-24-2020

From Sin to Salvation 12-20-2020

EPHESIANS SERIES – The Church’s PURPOSE and PRACTICE Christian love is

Leading and Serving  12-13-2020

A Christian Marriage 12-6-2020

Christian love is – 11/29/2020

Living Like Jesus – 11/22/2020

Choose Righteousness – 11/15/2020

How To Change – 11/8/2020

The Church’s Structure – 11/1/2020

Uncommon Unity – 10/25/2020

Sustainable Strength 10-18-2020

Mystery Made Known 10/11/2020

One Family with One Father 10-4-2020

Undeserved Favor and Unreserved Faith 9-27-2020

By the Power of God 9-20-2020

The Great Blessings of God 9-13-2020


Grace is from God 9-6-2020

Bent Creek Baptist Church



Bent Creek Baptist Church Outdoors Worship Service 8-23-2020


Bent Creek Outdoor Worship Service

August 16, 2020

Bent Creek Baptist Church

August 9, 2020

Bent Creek Baptist Church

August 2nd, 2020

Bent Creek Baptist Church


Bent Creek Baptist Church


Bent Creek Baptist Church

Worship Service 7-12-2020


Bent Creek Baptist Church

Worship Service 7-5-2020


Bent Creek Baptist Church

Worship Service 6-28-2020

Sunday Worship Service 6-21-2020

Bent Creek Baptist Welcomes New Lead Pastor Williams Moore


Sunday Worship Service 6-14-2020

6-7-2020 Outside Worship Service

Sunday Morning Outside Worship Service 5-31-2020

Sunday Morning Outside Worship Service 5-24-2020

Sunday Morning Worship 5-17-2020

Happy Mother’s Day 5-10-2020

Bent Creek Baptist Worship Service


Bent Creek Baptist Worship Service


Bent Creek Baptist Worship Service



Easter Service

April 5, 2020

March 29, 2020

March 22, 2020


Join Us Sunday for Inside Worship



A Plan for Reopening

This plan has been developed under the understanding that the Church’s prerogative is not simply to comply with the law but to also take necessary measures to protect the value of human life, even if those measures are above and beyond the legal requirement.

  • Initially, resuming Sunday Morning Worship Services is the priority. Where possible, a plan will be developed for Sunday School and Wednesday programs but only if capacity and social distance allow. In the meantime, digital options for those meetings will be maintained. The office will remain open as normal. We will plan to Reopen for Sunday Morning Worship Services on September 27th at 10:45 AM.
  • Based upon 6ft of social distancing between individuals, with an empty pew between occupied pews, a little under 120 people can fit into the sanctuary (including use of cubicles). This does not account for multiple people in a family sitting together, which would allow for more people.
  • While it would save space to ask people to sit together who are not in the same household but are related (Parents and their adult child who live in different homes), current distancing requirements encourage a 6ft distance between any one not in the same home. This won’t be mandated, but it won’t be encouraged either.
  • The last cubicle on each end will be areas where masks are required, while the rest of the sanctuary will be “masks encouraged” by optional. This will give individuals who prefer to sit with others wearing masks a location to comfortably do so.
  • There will be signage blocking off every other pew on both ends of the pew (This Pew Unavailable due to Social Distancing Policy) beginning with the first row at the front, as well as signs in the cubicles denoting this information (Masks are Required in this Cubicle).
  • There will be no children’s church or nursery offered. The upstairs Family Room will be open with masks required.
  • Custodial Staff will take additional and more frequent measures to clean and sanitize. This will use of a disinfectant fogger and cleaning high touch areas, as well as their normal cleaning procedures.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the facility.
  • Water Fountains will be Closed across the building and there will be no Gathering Grounds for now. Bottled water will be available at the information desk.
  • Masks will be available at the information desk when supplies are available, and congregants will be encouraged to bring their own, and highly encouraged to wear them. Staff and Leaders will be looked to to follow all procedures, inclusive of mask wearing when not publicly speaking, as an example.
  • Offering plates will not be passed, but rather will be at the information desk and in the back of the sanctuary for use before and after service. These will be manned by an usher and have a sign (Tithes and Offerings).
  • Pens and Bibles will be removed from pew backs.
  • Congregants will be encouraged to stay home if sick with any symptoms.
  • When people arrive for the service, ushers will gently assist people/families to their seats, making sure to maintain 6ft of social distance from others already seated. This will be needed to help visitors know our policies and to assist some who may be more reluctant to naturally follow policies.
  • Usher assistance will include directing individuals to the masks required areas if they prefer, as well as seating those with mobility issues towards the back.
  • Ushers and Greeters will not directly pass out bulletins. Announcements etc. will be shown via PowerPoint before the service starts.
  • Before the first service, William and/or Sam will go over policies/practices with Ushers.
  • Congregants will be encouraged to limit all physical contact of any type at all times and greet one another verbally.
  • As opposed to an invitation, congregants will be encouraged to contact our lead pastor and elders with spiritual needs.
  • At the end of the service, congregants will be asked to exit out of the four sanctuary exits or use the large outside exit doors to the left and right of the cubicles. Congregants will be asked to maintain 6 feet of social distancing as they exit from the pews, allowing those in front time to exit first.
  • Congregants will be encouraged to take all conversations with one another outside of the facility at a 6ft distance. Lights will be turned off in sanctuary shortly after service ends to encourage exiting building.
  • During the week of the 21st, our Custodians will work to prepare the church for reopening with above policies in mind.
  • We will reopen for Indoor Worship on Sunday, September 27th at 10:45AM.