Congregational Training by the Institute of Bibical Leadership (IBL)

The importance of unity in the church can not be overstated.

During the final hours of his life earth, Jesus prayed that we, his disciples throughout the ages, would be one. In the New Testament, the letters that Paul and Peter wrote to the early churches contain many exhortations to be like-minded and unified.

In the Old Testament, King David devoted Psalm 133 to the idea that brothers dwelling in unity is good and pleasant and precious. And from that position — God’s people dwelling together in harmony — God’s blessing is experienced. In the sixth chapter of Proverbs we read that God hates a person who sows discord among brothers.

God clearly thinks this matter of unity, or the lack thereof, is profoundly important.

The BCBC church family is meeting at the church on Sunday nights during October (6:00-8:00 pm) for practical training that will help us move into the future God has for us. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

The October 5th meeting covered the topic of unity in the church. Slides and handouts from that meeting are provided below.

The October 12th meeting covered “Relational Sin” and “Dissension in the Church”.

The October 19th meeting covered “Generational Distinctives”.

Please make plans to join us next Sunday.

Who is IBL? IBL is a ministry that focuses on leadership development in the church. It has twenty-plus years experience serving alongside pastors, pastoral couples, church staff, missionaries, ministry executives and volunteer leaders. Biblical concepts are incorporated in their essential ministry leadership (EML) material, with practical application in everyday ministry situations.