Daniel Bridges: Time to Share God’s Message

And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Philippians 4:19)

Hi, here is an update on my time in Nicaragua over this past week. Thanks!

Saturday, 6/25/16: God provides for me.

The Indianapolis team flew out this morning, and a World Race team of 6 girls arrived late in the afternoon. Without any groups at the mission center, the day was very chill. The interns and I relaxed,  played games, and talked.

We visited Bethel in the morning to give sponsorship money to some of the guys. It was great catching up with old friends. One old friend and I talked about how God has provided for me spiritually; and how He encourages me, knowing that I will lead a group in the future. We had a great a great day of relaxation and rest.

Sunday, 6/26/16: Look ahead

After breakfast we went to the Bethel soccer game. I talked with Carlitos and Luis (Juan Carlos’ sons, and Ixcels brothers), and also Marcos. It was fun hanging out and watching some soccer.

Later, we discussed as a team about what our time will look like over the next 3 weeks. Then, Marty gave us the Strengthfinder book, which is designed to uncover our talents and areas of expertise. It’s similar to Myers-Briggs personality test, but more in-depth and personalized. Then, I played Settlers of Catan with Cassie and Lauren (my two fellow interns) and enjoyed bonding with the team.

Monday, 6/27/16:  God uses what I say.

Today, we planned everything we are doing when the other groups arrive, and how all of the planned activities will work out. The two groups (guys and girls) will both be going through and discussing Sacred Rhythms by Ruth Barton, which is all about opening up your deepest desires in God’s presence and experiencing spiritual transformation.

We then discussed when to do the D-Team (Discipleship Team) meeting during the rest of the time we are here. We decided to meet for a 2-hour session on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please pray for me and that these sessions will be impactful and that God will be present as we all meet to find out more about Him.

We had a meeting on short notice today. It was a little tough because I wanted to be able to speak to them perfectly; because even in the US, leading a group can be hard on the communicating side. But after talking to Marty and the other interns, along with some Nicaraguans, I realized I was underestimating myself and forgetting that God will use whatever I say and whatever the strength youth believers say to penetrate people’s hearts and allow us to grow closer to God together.

Tuesday, 6/28/16: Into the jungle

San Cristobal

San Cristobal

This morning we set off as a group (interns, World Racers, Mission Center staff, and a guide) into the jungle below the San Cristobal volcano. We got a sneak peek at a “resort”-type camp that will open in the coming months; and we learned about the plants and trees that inhabit the jungle. It was beautiful, and I had a great time joking around with Thelma (she works cleaning clothes).

Thelma in the jungle

Thelma in the jungle

After this adventure we returned for lunch and later went to Leon where we shopped, got coffee and smoothies, and saw one of our teammates get a tattoo. That said, it was an interesting fun-filled day. I am starting to get to know everyone at the Mission Center, and this makes me very happy!

Wednesday, 6/29/16:  Share the Gospel.

In the morning, we went to Bethel to play with the kids and show the World Racers around the village. I spent time with Karely and her sister, Chiquita. We all played; and the crazy kids nearly wore me out! After this we went to meet a girl named Cadence who described her ministry in Nicaragua and showed us where there was going to be an orphanage.

Our first meeting was scheduled for after lunch, and I was very nervous. It went well and thankfully Carlos the translator was there because I was able to share the Gospel, my story, and also heard the youths’ testimonies. I knew that God gave me the words to say, and it was a very good start as we begin to journey together to know God more.

Playing with the kids in Bethel

Playing with the kids in Bethel

I think many of them will benefit from reading Sacred Rhythms… including me. I thank God that it went well, and now I feel a little more at ease because we’ve broken the ice.

Continue to pray that we all will see God more and fall more in love with Him, and that because of knowing Him more we will want to tell others and be disciples who make disciples.

Thanks to all for supporting my journey.

Daniel Bridges

North Carolina State University