Defining Marriage from a Christian Perspective

For I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, (Romans 1:6)

Same-sex marriage has emerged, not because our definition of marriage has “evolved” or “expanded”. Rather, it’s because what it means to be “married” has degenerated.

“Most Americans feel our culture is coming apart at the seams,” says Rachel Lu, at the University of St. Thomas. “Marriage is part of this grim picture. Most everyone nowadays agrees it’s a good thing, but somehow it’s prohibitively difficult to do.”

Ryan Anderson, writing in the Federalist, laments, “Blindness to the truth about the human person has led to a crisis of family and sexuality.” For the Church, the latest intellectual and cultural challenge is not the nature of God or redemption. Rather, it’s about humanity and morality. Our challenge is to explain marriage, what humans are fundamentally, and how we are to relate to one another.

Pastor Tommy Bridges

Pastor Tommy Bridges

Listen here starting at 22:34 minutes as Pastor Tommy presents a clear definition of a biblical marriage and its importance in society today.

To understand God’s design for marriage, we have to realize that marriage is more than just an emotional or romantic attraction between two people. It’s a union between husband, wife, and Christ. When done correctly it’s a reflection of God’s love for the church.

Yes, there will be failures and defects on both sides. It is the nature of being human. But this does not alter the relationship.