Precious Lord has Taken B.B. King Home

Those who walk uprightly enter into peace; they find rest as they lie in death. (Isaiah 57:1-2)

Legendary blues artist B. B. (Blues Boy) King died on May 14th. He was 89 years old. Mr. King was a Christian who, as a boy, sang in a gospel choir. “I believe,” he once said, “all musical talent comes from God as a way to express beauty and human emotion.”

“I believe God created everything. I’m awed by his handiwork, the forests and oceans and sky that surround us. I believe God made us. But our nature isn’t always godlike.”

About life and death, he said, “But God, like life or death, itself, is a miracle and a mystery that I’ll never fully explain or understand. I’m content to accept things the way they are.”

B. B. Kings Sings Spirituals was his fourth studio album released in 1960.

Precious Lord has taken B.B. King home (1926~2015).

And, one more for the road home.