Progress on the Abortion Front

Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. (Psalm 127:3)

Just 34% of likely voters reported being satisfied with the current abortion policies — the lowest number ever recorded since Gallup started the poll. Respondents were twice as likely to favor policies that err on the side of restriction and caution than they were to support, looser abortion procedures.

The findings are based on telephone interviews of a random sample of 804 American adults between January 5-8, 2015.

More good news. Operation Rescue, the only pro-life organization that maintains a list of abortion facilities reports that 73 abortion facilities shut down for all or part of 2014. The total number of all remaining abortion clinics in the US is currently 739.

Femcare, Asheville shut down in 2014 for two dozen serious health and safety violations. It reopened briefly before permanently closing after its abortionist, Lorraine Cummings, announced her retirement and placed the building for sale. Unfortunately, Planned Parenthood just opened another facility at 68 McDowell Street.

Please continue to pray for the lives of the most vulnerable among us.

Parents from Tameside, Greater Manchester, UK, were left giggling after their unborn son showed a ‘thumbs up’ hand gesture a during a routine ultrasound.