When God Moves Among His People (Acts 2:36-42)

Joe Dillon, Interim Pastor, March 8, 2020
Part of the Let The Church be the Church series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

When God Moves Among His People
Acts 2:36-42

Revival is the restoration of something that lived yet died. It is a supernatural resurrection. The primary demonstration of revival is the Power of God and His Presence with His people that leads to transformation.

1. Revival is dependent on repentance. Vs 38
• Recognition of what we’ve lost, gripped by the reality of our fallen position.
• The fellowship of the frozen (dead) chosen.
• Grief over hardness of heart. vs 37 (comfortable in our deadness) Jeremiah 2:4-13

2. Without prayer there is no power.
• Prayer recognizes our powerlessness, His powerfulness and our desperate circumstances.

3. Obedience, the key to continuance. John 14:12-21

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