What it Means That Vicki Beeching is Gay

Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned. (Mark 16:16)


Vicki Beeching

In an interview, Ms. Beeching, a British singer/songwriter-turned religious commentator who has led worship at American churches, said that she believes God has been with her throughout her journey. The original report from earlier this month is here.

Perhaps some insight on this issue can be gained from Amy Grant (the most successful Christian music artist of all time) and Anthony Romero (executive director of the ACLU) during dinner party conversation that had nothing to do with homosexuality.


Amy Grant

Amy Grant: “You know, one of the most fascinating dinners I’ve ever spent sitting next to somebody I had not met was at a large function with my family. We were all seated with place cards; it was a large group and I introduced myself to the fellow next to me. It was Anthony Romero. I mean, we didn’t line up our views; I just said, “Oh my goodness.” And he said, “I think they probably thought this was going to be very funny having us sit next to each other.”

“I just said, ‘Tell me about your life.’ He asked me the same thing. He told me good things about his job and hard things about his job. It was two human beings that have had very different lifestyles sitting next to each other and sharing life.”

“Given 10 choices, would Anthony and I choose the same things? Maybe so. Maybe not. But… what I really felt was… we all face challenges in our life that we didn’t anticipate, and the most important thing is that we not face them alone. To me, if there’s anything that comes out of this conversation… it’s this: When you don’t understand something, you can either default to judgment or you can default to compassion. Those take you down completely different roads.”

“The journey of faith brings us into community, but it’s really about one relationship. The journey of faith is just being willing and open to have a relationship with God. And everybody is welcome. Everybody.”