We are so glad you found us and hope you will join us for Sunday worship!


Bent Creek Baptist Church is a Bible-centered congregation that believes we are created by God to worship Him as the ultimate reason for our existence.


We know that God loves us, and we ought to love one another. Prayer and worship are our privilege and responsibility. Therefore, we set aside time during our Sunday service for private and corporate prayer, as well as for joyous singing and personal testimony of His praises — looking forward to our Lord unleashing His power to lead us.


Family is God’s foundational institution for human society, and the members of Bent Creek Baptist Church are committed to making a priority of family time through our ministries and activities. As ambassadors for Christ, the Lord also guides us in developing community relationships that support and serve our neighbors.


Most importantly, we believe that Christians should pursue a growing, personal relationship with Christ, and are responsible for becoming more like Christ in our beliefs and conduct.



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